Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Pinata letters and pinata numbers

We can do letters or numbers either in a banner form or as a piñata.

The example above is a blank canvas that could be decorated in any way you wanted. We opted for something quite simple to get the most use out of it!

Penisata in action

You'll never fit that in there love!

Is that the time already?!

That game where you blindfold people and get them on all fours

We went to a party recently where we discovered the chocolate game. You get to blindfold people and get them on all fours, then make them eat chocolate with cutlery. We could have made some suggestions but it wasn't that kind of party. Although the people were lovely and a lot of fun!

Lessons in balloon modelling!

 In addition to making piñatas and painting we also do some entertaining at parties. Mostly for children through piñata face.

Balloon modelling worked really well as an ice breaker at this adult party. There was more fascinator making than rude modelling but a few people got very into it still. 

We're still learning to balloon model. If we ever get good enough we'll add a how to page to the blog. So far we'd really recommend getting 260Q qualitex balloons and their brand pump. We've been through many, many kits! 

Featured in these last two pictures are another very lovely balloon fascinator and a bit of bondage.

Painting pretty pictures

The piñatas featured on this blog, so far, are all made with coloured paper. We’ve been trying to get more hands on experience with the medium of papier mache.

This first painting is stolen from Esher and remade in our own style. It’s part of a set of two butterfly canvases hung in my hallway. They’re the first paintings we ever did.
The second picture is the other half of the pair. We're not sure what kind of butterfly its meant to be! From one side the overlay is more see through than the other so as you walk past it becomes more transparent or opaque.

All of my paintings use the whole canvas, including the edges. We're still experimenting with different types of paint and canvases (including clothes). We’d like to play around with batiking next. There’s just something about playing with hot wax and tjanting tools...

These are mum door signs we made because the ones on the market are just a bit too twee for most of the mums we know. You can't really tell from these pictures but the colour is painstakingly layered to create a spray can effect.

Ball and chain piñata.

This ball and chain piñata is made mostly from newspaper – including the chain! Its also reinforced with wire so it can take a thorough hammering! 

There are faster and easier ways of making a chain other than making individual links. 

This one is on display at full circle bespoke design emporium. We haven't been able to find any other images and no one seems to be doing them in the UK at this time.

Dolphin piñata

Very cute and popular design so we usually keep some in stock. This one is a donation to a local school raffle. 

 This pinata measures around 60cm from nose to tail and would cost £15 for a simple version.

Worlds first pinata sex toys...

There are infinite possibilities as far as piñata sex toys are concerned. We made this set as an example for photos and just to see how easy they would be to make! They were filled and donated to a good cause.

To give you an idea of prices...
Piñata whip £15
Piñata handcuffs £25
Piñata butt plug £20

These also make great conversational pieces and decorations when displayed in the right surroundings. We know at least one of out penisatas have made a guest appearance on the BDSM scene and many more have been used and abused at hen nights but more details than that we're not going to divulge...
We couldn't resist taking these smiley face pictures!

Worlds first pinata handcuffs

These are made from newspaper and tin foil, including the key and links. They're part of the same set with the whip, handcuffs, butt plug and a ball and possibly a ball and chain we're still working on!
We used modelling balloons for the cuffs themselves. We think next time we might use cardboard and try spray paint for a more authentic shape!

Worlds First butt plug pinata

We gave the last butt plug piñata a rimming and turned it into a vase. This one is part of a set. We'll upload more pictures as time goes on! We've added a tail for aesthetic reasons (made from tissue paper streamers) and tried experimenting with a bit of ribbing for pleasure. Its made from newspaper with no cardboard involved.

We still haven't quite decided what to do with the set once its finished. We're open to offers ;)

Pinata handcuffs

We had to take a picture of these at the newspaper stage because they look so much nicer than they will covered in tin foil. We thought we'd try to score another first.

We can't find another pair of piñata handcuffs on the net, nor a whip, or a butt plug, nor ball and chain...  We do keep looking. There are pictures of the finished version here -

Worlds first whip (cat-o-nine tails) pinata

This is part of a matching set we've been faffing around with. we'll add more pictures later. Made from one long balloon with tissue paper for the 'tails'. It would probably look more realistic with ribbons for tails and maybe a few beads for old school authenticity. We were tempted to use black silk and pearls but its a bit extravagant for something that's going to be bashed to bits.

Table top vase pinatas

Sometimes there is just nowhere convenient to hang a piñata. These table top vase piñatas made lovely table decorations at a leaving party. When the meal was done each guest chose a paper flower to pull and inside the vase were a selection of sweets and other little party favours.

A vase like this would cost around £25-35. These are around 4O cm tall including the flowers. 

They can be made in a fun style or opt for a more tasteful version and colour co-ordinated to suit any event. You can even reuse them.

This last picture is the completed version of this piñata. The lady who received them said they looked lovely on the table and that she could keep them to remind her of a fantastic evening.

Kate Middleton’s face smiling up at me from my schlong

Until I saw Kate Middleton’s face smiling up at me from my schlong, I didn't realise I was using the royal  wedding supplement for piñata making! 

I'm not making any kind of statement about the royals it just amused me at the time so I thought I'd share.

Worlds First butt plug pinata

I took this picture whilst it was still all wet and dribbly... 

Made to order and loved to pieces! Like a piñata should be.

Actually we just made this one for fun. It was eventually donated as a prize for a fund-raising event. We've been tempted to knock up another but We don't really want to get stuck with one again!

For something like this we would charge around £15 depending on the size and amount of detail required.

Balloon flower

We never thought we would end up wearing balloons as fascinators! One of the balloon modelling books we had has an astounding number of ideas on unusual uses for balloons. Some of which we've been working on ready for an upcoming hen night...

Lessons in balloon modelling!

We're experimenting with balloon modelling. After weeks of some very serious practice (and over 100 balloons) We’ve just about got the hang of simple projects like flowers, dogs and swords!
The kids seem to be enjoying my homework, including Tex (one of our contributors)! He won’t mind us adding his photo up here... We hope!

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