Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Giant newspaper wangers.

If a friend of mine was asleep on my sofa... would it be very wrong of me to wake them up using the giant newspaper wanger that's still wet from a good pasting? I can think of several good potential kodac moments and I know from past experience they're a heavy sleeper. It was a bit silly of them to pass out like that, especially when they know my sense of humour. If only I had someone to hold my camera. If only I had never watched clockwork orange. If only I could make a decision about which awakening style to use...  Mwahahahahaha
 Too late now, I've woken them up chuckling to myself. Damn.

Tommy gun piñata

This is a 1920's/30's Tommy gun piñata. Made from newspaper for a reunion/birthday party.

It’s fairly indestructible. I'm just waiting for the birthday boy to decide whether to have it stuffed and beat it to pieces or keep it as a decoration before I touch up the paintwork a little.

A very special 30th birthday present.

This is the finished number piñata for a very special 30th.

Thank you very much to Malc, Sas and Jess for the picture and finishing touches! X

Several months on this piñata is still on top of the birthday girls wardrobe. She says she liked it too much to smash it up.

Mz Piggy and Hermit the frog

These are hanging up to dry for a few days before I add some finishing touches.
It looked a bit like hello kitty so I couldn't resist this pic... My kids have made me watch it once too often.

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