Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Dragon pinata

 This Dragon piñata is for sale from Full Circle gallery in Leeds for around £35. Their website is being refurbished at the moment so I'll add a link later. Its made entirely of paper and is at least 90% recycled materials.

I have this friend (Paul) who's really into WOW who showed me lots of pictures of Deathwing dragon so they've had a bit of an influence on the design. I've another one half made lurking around in the living room but I think I'll choose a different colour next time!

Giant hat piñata

This would work well for an Alice in wonderland themed party, burlesque nights, weddings, stag parties, rocky horror theme nights or any other event that would suit a top hat!

This piñata measures around 60x90cm. At the moment its free standing so that it can support more weight. It could be decorated to suit a particular event, although, personally I like it as it is.

At the moment its just sat around my house gathering dust so any suggestions of where I might stick it would be most welcome!

A mad hat and a pocket watch

I've just been looking up Alice's adventures in wonderland for my current two giant piñatas and found this; The contents of this link are of an adult nature and are in no way related to Alice in wonderland or any of her adventures therein. 

I'll add more photos when they're finally finished. I'll enjoy being able to take my time over them. click on this text to see the full set of photos.

Max - giant piñata head

Max is the first piñata I've ever made for a TV programme.

This piñata is over a meter tall. Its built on a box base. I've also used stuffing to help strengthen it and as a dry layer to ensure it was finished within the original 4 day deadline.

It was designed to withstand a few direct hits from professional cricketers armed with bats. click here for the full set of pictures

I always thought my first piñata person/head would be me, or maybe an ex (i figured it might stop him asking me to make him an ed209) or maybe even Ben Chaplain (I've had a thing for him since 'game on'), considering most of my studies have been psychology based I might even have been tempted to crack open Freud (one of my least favourites).

I never banked on someone picking me up on gumtree, telling me to do this guy and adding a very firm 'we only want the head'. I don't know how much more I'm allowed to say on the topic. Probably not much if I keep making head jokes ;>

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