Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Recycled furniture or the shoe rack that dreamed of becomming a table.

We've finally decided what to turn the old university notes into a shoe rack! Its taken about 4 days so far from sorting out notes to turning them into pulp and then making a start on the actual piece. We're hoping this lot will be dry by the end of the weekend so that we can at least make the first shelf!

We have discussed turning it into a dining room table at some point in the future. With over 60 piñatas in the house space is a bit of an issue! We'll see how it turns out though and how strong the whole thing is by the time we've finished! We'd like a bit more practice before we make a start on the chairs but its about time we replaced our current shoe storage so at least this will do in the mean time. Its better than risking having a table collapse in the middle of dinner. Once we've made a few pieces we might price a few bits up and have a piñata lady furniture range. Lets just see how well this one lasts first!

Fancy doing something a little bit different this Easter?

We have several Easter egg bases on offer, starting from £15. These can be decorated to your taste with pretty flowers, monster faces,or whatever floats  your boat. We have big ones, little ones, giant ones, ones that fit inside each other and even one that will give you a special massage and make you a cup of tea on a morning!

Only kidding about the last one. We've also got chick bases and rabbit and duck moulds ready just in case. We plan on finishing a few in time for Easter. Including our own as We're going to make the kids work for their chocolate this year!

Piggy banks with personality

Piggy bank (several bases) from £30. These measure around 50cm from nose to tail. Click on this text for more pictures.This is a new design that's proved to be quite popular. The first three are already claimed and I'll keep making more as they're great stock for craft stalls (and last minute presents!).

They can also be used as piñatas, although they're strengthened and made in response to being nagged to make things that don't automatically get smashed up.

The first three are made for young children so instead of the usual slots they've been made so that pennies can be poked up their nose or fed to them. The pigs can then be shaken upside down to make them 'poo' out the pennies. Or at least they will when they're finished!

I can be tasteful, its just more fun not to sometimes!

Heart pinatas

Heart piñatas
Large selection available. If there is a specific one you're interested in then please get in touch for more details. They range between 20-60cm to give you a better idea of size. We charge around £15-40 depending on the size and level of detail.

A few of the duplicates have sold already The pink rose heart is gone but there is a red one available on etsy (with a full description ). There are also two large newspaper heart bases still available.
The green one my eldest made and its not for sale.

The heart piñatas were mostly made with a valentines day post in mind as well as an urge to experiment with patterns and designs.

The beast of many eyes.

Blob monster £36 Measures around 100cm.  I made a similar one a few years back and never got any photos so this was my attempt at recreating that. This piñata could easily be converted into a very surreal storage box or a super sized money box.

This isn't the most up to date photo as each of the eyes now have eyelids. This piñata is currently on display at Full Circle Bespoke Design Emporium.

Tea pot Pinata

Tea pot (unfinished) £35 approx - including decorating the base to your taste. This piece measures around 65cm from spout to handle)This teapot piñata is still in its newspaper base form and can be decorated to your taste. It would be perfect for a summer tea party.
It can also be converted into storage (with the addition of a working lid). It will only support light weights whilst in use as hanging storage. This piece and most of the others featured can also be converted into an extra large money box.

Mz Piggy £22 Measures around 50cm tall. These piñatas are currently on display at Full Circle Bespoke Design Emporium. Both the pig and frog are easily converted into a piñata or a money box.
This and the frog one were my first experiments using moulds. I prefer working from scratch as its more of a challenge but, as you can see, even  when we use a mould each piece produced is still unique.

 Hermit the frog £22 Measures around 50cm tall. One of my earliest piñatas. This picture does not do justice to the detail used in this piece, for instance it doesn't show his little froggy shaped fingers or the depth used to enhance his facial features.

Elephant pinata for sale

Elephant £45 for decorated version. The picture here is of an unfinished base. (80cm long) Click on this text for pictures of a finished version This elephant was made as part of a pair for an Indian wedding. The wedding ended up taking place in India so they were no longer needed. One of the pair has already sold and this one is available to be decorated to your taste. It can easily be converted into a wedding card box, money box or storage. The last one was bought as a hanging decoration.

Giant pocket watch pinata for sale

Pocket Watch £40 (60cm diameter)
There are lots of pictures of this piñata on the blog and on facebook
Its also possible to convert it into a small cupboard or bookcase. The hands will move although it might not withstand a lot of playing with from younger children! Its possible to hang this piñata from its very sturdy chain.

Alice in wonderland piñatas

This piñata is still available for sale

Mad hat £40 (60cm diameter)
There are lots of pictures of this piñata on the blog and on facebook
It can also easily turned into a very interesting and unique storage box - perfect for someone with clutter and a thing for Alice's adventures!
This piñata and the pocket watch also featured in this post are currently on display at full circle bespoke design emporium.

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