Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Pinata shelves

It might be a bit garish but you get the idea - shelves made from old newspapers! These we made using a wire frame and lots of paper. We have some grand plans for a set made entirely of pulp, amongst many other ideas so watch this space!

Easter piñata

Piñatas are great fun at any kind of party. This piñata was commissioned for an Easter event. Its just made from one balloon - the simplest piñata you can make!  It doesn't have to be a giant balloon like this one either.

Wedding Bell pinata

Here's a recent custom made piñata for a hen night. Its our first attempt at a wedding bell!

Pinata house

Its amazing what you can do with a couple of cardboard boxes, some old papers and a pair of kitchen scissors! Decorating the play house has kept my children entertained for ages. We've decorated it using coloured paper stuck on with piñata paste (you can see instructions on making them on the how to make a piñata page). Its still not quite finished but its been so much fun decorating it together that I don't think we'll ever quite consider it complete.
You can even buy a basic pre cut cardboard play house. There are some great ones on this site I fancy having a go at making a hundertwasser house. If we ever find time! They're fairly easy to make, decorate, strengthen and fix.
I just had a long conversation with a member of staff from a local bar about the piñatas. They'll be receiving one next week. I may have neglected to mention the fact its in the shape of a giant Willy. Oh well.
 They took it rather well when we dropped it off! 
The window cleaner came for the first time today. I'd forgotten about the unmissable giant, luminous pink willy in the conservatory. Until he winked at me... 
My first embarrassing penisata moment!

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