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Strange world

I went to post our latest commission which was a willy in a sombrero for a Mexican themed party...

The guy in the post office, who doesn't bat an eyelid at parcels 3 foot long and shaped like a schlong, smirked at me when we bought junk food. We've taken packages in there with all sorts written all over the side!

One had pictures of Giant willy's on it and whatever I could think of, with a little help from friends. This included

fragile - giant willy in transit,
cock side up,
for over 18's only - contents of a sexual nature,
call cards,
Thank you for your custom - please cum again,
If you drop me on the side you'll have made a big cock up
Richard in a box. Contents may vary. batteries not included. Vendor will not be held responsible for vibration white finger or future disinterest in the male species due to contents!
Caution if you shake me too much you might need tissues
do not point towards face in case of an accident I am not to be held responsible for random ejaculation
do not turn upside down or stir! danger of spilling the juice
Contains strippers
Plus a whole list of set toy paraphernalia
Like inflatable’s
But plugs
Bondage tape
Strap ons...
It was a big box so I could go on but you get the picture.

Unfortunately we didn't get chance to take any pictures This is probably for the best as the sombrero was white and covered with a pattern of mini green and red willy's.

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