Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

A whole lot of love on my dresser.

At 5 am one morning I was woken up by a rustling downstairs. I expected to find a stranger stood there in the darkness, my heart was pounding. Turns out it was all of the heart shaped piñata bases turning into mush as their balloons deflated prematurely.

After a lot of repairs and rebuilding here we are.

Now there's just another 20 odd heart and flower piñatas to do for upcoming weddings!

Penguin and snowman pinata.

 Great little winter piñatas.

Christmas tree bashing

Its finally snowed so despite being full of cold, preparing for round two of my youngest's birthday party and being a bit shattered and groggy already I'm up late knocking up a few Christmas piñatas so I can take pictures out in the snow tomorrow.

Its hard to resist the urge to nip out now in my slippers and dressing gown in case it's not there in the morning.

Here's a few random pictures of the smashing up of a Christmas tree piñata at a friends house.
The lad in the picture above was the lucky birthday boy.

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