Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

1st anniversary

Today was the end of a very long and complicated case I've been working on. Its also my first anniversary as the piñata lady (or pimp as I'm known in my home town - apparently it suits me better... but lets not go there).

I made a giant neon pink willy with oversize balls. It was the first and only one where I used wool for a more 'realistic' effect. I was really worried it wouldn't sell and when it did it only went for 99p. Not remotely worth if for the 6 hours work that went into it.

Over 100 piñatas later I still don't have a proper website (long story), I'm at least starting to get the hang of the sales side of things and I'm still thoroughly enjoying my gluing habit.

My 50th piñata was the camper van (my favourite) the 100th was probably the red heart. I don't really know where I'm going with this I just felt like I should write a post today if only so that I can look back on it next year and see how far I've come. Now I'm more confident with my piñata making skills I'm going to spend a couple of months organising paperwork and stock before focusing on the business side of things and building up to something special. Hopefully next year we'll have a big party somewhere and celebrate in style.

I do have a celebratory bottle of tequila stashed but I drank too much of that last weekend and don't even want to think about it at the moment! Maybe I'll save it for next year.

I love my day job and I've worked really hard to get where I am, and I love the crafty projects too. I do know that I need a proper website but we're still ranking 1st on a lot of searches.  I decided before I started that I was going to take it slowly over the first two years to see how it went. Its starting to feel like a proper little business, even though my methods are sometimes a bit unconventional! I've not quite got over the point where this seems like a hobby that's got out of hand but we have been chatting about having a proper little shop a few years down the line and I'm itching for a publicity stunt and branching out so we'll see what happens...

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