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Christmas pinatas

I've made a start on a few Christmas piñatas. I'm not sure how many I'll actually get done by new years but I'd like to get another 30 done between now and then in the hopes of meeting my goal of making at least 100 piñatas and other papier mache projects this year. For some reason I think that once I've reached 100 I'll feel more like a pro rather than like I'm still learning on my feet sometimes! I'll take a few better pictures of these soon and add them to the album on facebook.

The hat and scarf on this snowman I've just stuck on to see what they looked like. I'll try making one a papier mache hat and scarf and make each one in a different style. I'm hoping to make a few with cartoon style features as well as themed snowmen. They could probably also do with some arms! I'd like to make a couple of full size ones of a more realistic shape but I'm not sure they'll be usable as piñatas!

They're a fantastic decoration that can be smashed up at the office Christmas party!

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