Pinatas, pinatas, pinatas!

We lovingly hand craft custom made piñatas and other paper mache products to suit your requirements.

Table top vase pinatas

Sometimes there is just nowhere convenient to hang a piñata. These table top vase piñatas made lovely table decorations at a leaving party. When the meal was done each guest chose a paper flower to pull and inside the vase were a selection of sweets and other little party favours.

A vase like this would cost around £25-35. These are around 4O cm tall including the flowers. 

They can be made in a fun style or opt for a more tasteful version and colour co-ordinated to suit any event. You can even reuse them.

This last picture is the completed version of this piñata. The lady who received them said they looked lovely on the table and that she could keep them to remind her of a fantastic evening.

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